Das bietet iwis

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Good reasons to come and work for iwis

Combining the continuity of a successful family firm with the excitement of working on new developments, iwis offers the best of both worlds:

1. iwis is high-tech

We supply precision chains and systems for a wide range of drive, conveyor and timing applications to automobile manufacturers and blue-chip industrial customers. Over our many years of experience, we have learned above all that we must direct all our efforts towards satisfying our customers. Only in this way have we been able to achieve success and make the company into what it is today: the acknowledged technological leader in the market and an experienced partner for developing and supplying high-quality technical products. Wherever they are in the world, our premium technology helps iwis's customers master the challenges of the future.

2. iwis is reputable

iwis has remained a family-owned firm since it was founded in 1916. As well as looking back over a long company history, iwis has also consequently benefited from continuity of management. This can be seen in the long-term cooperative relationships iwis enjoys with its customers, and above all in the importance the company attaches to being a reliable partner for its employees.

3. iwis is fair

The working environment at iwis is characterized by trust throughout the company – from production through to our sales partners in Germany and abroad. Our dealings with suppliers, customers, competitors and employees are characterized by fairness.

4. iwis is innovative

Creativity and innovation, research and development, intelligence in technologies and solutions: these are the values that underpin our daily work. Environmental perspectives are part of this too. As our numerous cooperative ventures with universities and institutes demonstrate, plus associated dissertations and work placements, we are very open to new ideas.

5. iwis is ecological

iwis attaches a high priority to actively practising environmental protection – and not just since 1999 when we carried out our first eco-audit under ISO 14001. In order to keep on top of ecological issues, iwis trains special environmental experts who can assist their colleagues and managers with these aspects of their work.

6. iwis is ambitious

Both technologically and organizationally, iwis never stands still. We see ourselves as a learning organization that is continually evolving, and we always put people at the heart of everything we do. We incentivize our employees through training, professional development and promotion on the basis of individual potential.