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Fostering new talent

Career prospects for new entrants

Since iwis continues to experience strong growth, we can already predict with some certainty that we will still need qualified staff tomorrow. So what could be better than recruiting internally to meet this need?
We actively pursue this with a specific programme for mentoring dedicated young talent. This targets new entrants or professionals at the start of their career who are seeking to take on management responsibility. We methodically guide this young talent towards taking on new and bigger responsibilities, not only in terms of dealing with the functional aspects, but also in personality development.
No matter whether you are drawn towards a career in a technical or business role, iwis offers numerous opportunities for your future career development. For instance, provided you demonstrate the necessary aptitude, after starting as a complete beginner you could easily look to a career as a skilled worker or team leader. Many doors are open at iwis for employees with potential. After all, you hold the future success of our products in your hands.