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Training & consulting

Deciding where the journey is to take you

Whether school pupil, student, young professional, long-term employee or company executive, one thing is clear: you know exactly what you want in your career and where you want to get to over the next few years. To help you pursue your goals, our experts are on hand to assist with systematic personal development plans.
iwis founded its own training institute – the Gerhard Winklhofer Bildungswerk e.V. (GWB) – to plan and implement this programme. The specific offerings of the GWB are offered in two stages:

  • First contact our experienced staff development experts for in-depth advice on further development opportunities and your career prospects. Depending on the conclusions reached, appropriate training can then be arranged.

  • This is followed by targeted further development in your new or additional responsibilities. As this benefits both you and us as your employer, iwis is keen to encourage lifelong learning through its support for in-company training.