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Our students networking program gets top marks every time!

iwis not only presents itself regularily in high schools to students, we also invite students or entire classes to factory visits or events and presentations in our company. This helps us to inform students of future working expectations and motivate working experience.

Successful win-win cooperation

iwis goes out into schools. And schools come to iwis too. As part of a well-established partnership, our production sites cooperate with local schools. iwis offers teachers and school classes the option of bringing to life specific aspects of the curriculum with reference to actual practical projects, and consequently makes them easier to understand.
These projects enable students to get to know our company and its products, its various organizational units and its operations around the world. We can tailor our presentations to a variety of school subjects.
The aim of this cooperation is to show young people the capabilities of modern technology and make the connection to the applied sciences.

Fascination at an early age

Awakening understanding and fascination at an early age

We run various events designed to make technology exciting for children and young adults:

  • Apprentice and vocational study days, career orientation days and 'girls days' specifically to give career information to girls
  • Initial taster placements
  • Joint projects with schools
  • Talks by representatives of iwis in schools
  • Factory visits for school classes
  • Teacher day placements, teacher evenings, etc.

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Andreas Eppeneder

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