Forschung und Entwicklung

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In addition to a fully developed range encompassing standard roller and agricultural chains, iwis agrisystems is also able to offer co-development of efficient drive systems. To create an all-round system, in addition to the chain itself, all the other components are also included.

Main development areas

  • Increasing the wear resistance and fatigue strength of our drive components
  • Optimizing joint tribology to improve efficiency and minimize wear
  • Reducing weight by increasing the power density and using alternative materials
  • Cutting system costs by reducing the number of components and introducing easy-assembly concepts
  • Optimizing systems as a whole by looking at the overall chain drive system including sprockets, guides and tensioners


iwis agrisystems is your perfect partner for innovative drive solutions in agricultural applications. The focus of our development work is on trends affecting the entire sector:


  • Increasing conveyor capacity
  • Improving efficiency
  • Reducing weight and improving space utilization through high power density